Our association was established in 2006. Formation confirmed our determination that my father, George Levai 25 years ago started the first vintage car and motorbike events from Miskolc with my mother, so I can safely say that they have established the basics of this hobby at Miskolc. As a result, many living in our city owes them this noble hobby. Our father's serious illness woke us that we need to do something to preserve the worthy name of the community.
Brother, Gabor, decided to renovate the veteran car (Opel Rekord "A", 1963), which was papa could not because of illness. We hoped that our father still live out his favorite car's rebirth, and he can enjoy a little of the ride with it. And I decided to organize the first meeting of Miskolc honoring our father, which, unfortunately, after a while it will be a memorial bearing the name of his tour as keeping track across the country. The first two matches yet been able to take our father' in 2006 and in 2007 participion, but unfortunately 2008 it has been added to the event's name "George Levai Memorial Tour".

Tünde Lévai